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Alzheimer’s – A Diet that Helps to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease


The MIND focuses on having green-leafy vegetables every day & other vegetables the other day.

the reason why is fruits & vegetables have a lot of vital chemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamins E. that’s been shown to help coping with aging.

This MIND diet focuses on having berries in your food meal plan, at least twice per week.

The berries is a super food, that are easy to incorporate in your daily meal plan.

you can put injury on your younger or you can just throw it in your small theme

and when you’re not during the spring time you can use the frozen berries, the frozen are as good as the fresh ones.

Lean protein is emphasized in the MIND diet, because of the D.H.A & “Omeg 3” in the fish, which reduce the oxidative stress in your brain & can show to reduce the cognitive decline,

either lean protein such as support three recommend twice per week and you have to watch you’re limited to your red meat, because the statute fatty acids.

sister fatty as is not only in red meat, but also in pastry, water and dessert so don’t think about the century fatty acid is so hard to achieve to cover those down think about all these special food as location.

so you don’t have to stress I need to cut out so many goodies are you enjoying your life.

so the main benefits of vitamin E. and T. HA which is a part of the “Omega 3” for your brain is to reduce the content of thing pair vitamin E.

specially it’s the anti Occident I’m not saying out or anti Occident is not good, but just specific in this diet and the research is being done for develop this diet specials vitamin E. have more significance of fact,

Omega3 of course we are now it is very important to helping the neurons and synapses protein in your brain.

It is never too late, to start, to change her and diet.

this study particular focus on their around forty to fifty years old when they did the study, and is definitely not to linger when you’re forty or fifty or you if you’re a sixty as is important to eat healthy.

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