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Alzheimer’s disease – How Do You Know If You Have Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease

How Do You Know If You Have Alzheimer Disease?

Dementia is not inevitable as we age.

If you Look at everybody over eight sixty five, about 10% of people have some form of dementia.

And while it becomes more common as we get older even today’s 90, 50 to 70% of people still have normal thinking and cognition.

Speaker 1: 

Well it wasn’t a memory loss and yet it was kind of memory loss but it wasn’t memory loss, that the average person would consider to be a memory loss it was problems on.

How to look for the early symptoms of Alzheimer Disease?

Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer’s disease – How Do You Know If You Have Alzheimer Disease

There are some things that people shouldn’t worry about.

Miss placing your glasses, your keys occasionally.

Having trouble coming up with the name even though you know that somebody’s familiar does seem to be accompaniments of normal aging, and fact usually you do remember that name it just takes a lot longer.

On the other hand there are things that are concerning and should make one look for other.

Particularly, if you’re having trouble doing something that you’ve always done.

Driving somewhere, doing your taxes, filling out a checkbook, cooking.

Alzheimer’s disease

If those are things you’ve done with out any trouble and now they’re becoming harder.

Then it’s time to go to a professional and look into whether there might be something that can be fixed, war to at least get a proper diagnosis.

Alzheimer’s disease

Speaker : 

  • I know that she was getting more forgetful.
  • I didn’t really Are they too much of that is thought when you know.

=> she would seem to be having difficulty

I thought she just doesn’t want to set the table this isn’t good I have to push her so I would push her and all of a sudden she broke down and just said I’m so sorry I’ve just forgotten.S

Alzheimer’s disease – When to get a professional evaluation ?

Alzheimer's disease - How Do You Know If You Have Alzheimer Disease

There are some memory problems this should also trigger concern.

If you’re for got an important event, 10 minutes or 13 minutes after it happened that serious.

Someone tells you that you’ve asked the same question 3 or 4 times in an hour.

That may well indicate that there’s some serious problem going on and it should should have it professionally evaluated.

Speaker : 

  • I had asked him why he seemed to be.
  • Selling and buying and selling so much of our stocks and what was he doing, what did we all and he couldn’t tell me.
  • that was the one that made me know that we really had a problem
  • I was keep a much more of a watchful eye on things that she was the one,
  • I noticed she was starting to have problems with being able to to write a check.
  • just being able to understand bills she couldn’t.

She was it so she could take care of our finances.

very slowly what started to happen was if I was on the phone with her she would say she would turn around and ask my father

 where do we go

 what do we do and I thought that was very strange.

So that was my first inclination that something.

The majority of people with Alzheimer’s disease never know that they have a problem.

Alzheimer's disease - How Do You Know If You Have Alzheimer Disease

I actually believe that is the disease itself that blocks awareness.

But that presents a real challenge to the family or the care giver because that often leads the person to say things like well I’m just like all my other friends who can’t remember name every once in awhile.

One of things that I suggest that might get the person to the doctor is to say well I just feel better if you got it evaluated and if I’m wrong I’ll be happy just as you are.

that can sometimes help the sick person except an assessment even though they don’t think they need it.

Speaker : 

  • In my family doctor did not tell me that into a couple years later, when Jim was really getting worse and I wanted to be evaluated and he said what for.
  • I said so I know what I’m dealing with that’s what, Jim and I were both relieved because Jim felt like he was going crazy used to walk around the house
  • holding his head something’s going wrong up there I don’t know what’s happening. and I don’t like it.

Alzheimer’s disease

I think it’s important to have a thorough professional assessment, whenever there’s a question about somebody having a serious memory or cognitive problems.

Sometimes you find out that there’s not a problem and that can be reassuring, but even when you find out that there is a condition,

support that a person be thoroughly evaluated to make sure that there’s not a treatable disease or that there aren’t medical or psychiatric problems contributing to the memory problems.

And finally even if the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease to find out in a positive way what can be done to help the person live a better life and to help you as a care giver.

Do a better job in helping them care for themselves.

Speaker : 

  • I mean we all know that is but but this time his memory was was going and he wanted me to go with him to the doctors and actually sitting in on what the doctor would tell him.

Alzheimer’s disease

It’s important to realize that sometimes there are treatable medical or psychiatric problems that inducing memory trouble and if those are fixed the person can recover.

but even if the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease or some other cause of dementia, you can get information that can help things go much better and from my point of view that’s one of the one of the important reasons to get a thorough since.

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