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What can you do to stop Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer's disease alz
Alzheimer's disease alz

My name is Ellen comb, 83 years old
I have Alzheimer’s disease.
That’s the bad news,
the good news is that with the help of my Neurologists.
I’ve found effective treatment for this miserable disease.
I saw my father died this disease and I swore that it would not get

9 years ago, I begin to exhibit the symptoms.

Lost ability to drive on my way home forcibly to walk and find my way home,
lost ability to write, lost ability to read, lost the ability to speak a single cohesive sense and remember where I was going and they were looking for Alzheimer’s for me.
Said I came down here to palm city Florida were my son in law and ruler girl just found a very good drawl just small may.

She put me on the set a cholinesterase inhibitor.

Call president online gradually increase the dosage that’ll give you several months of mental clarity until it fails, but it doesn’t have to fail that’s what I discovered.
I can say with the help of mineralogist I found an effective treatment for this miserable disease.
And it’s never going to get me.
In the months of mental clarity that the drug resident and gave me
I researched.
And found a daily cocktail of dietary supplements which along with the rats are nine have to take the drugs and the cocktail the rest your life.

All Stopped. And substantial reversed by Alzheimer’s disease.

So called experts say that this is impossible as I said before.

no one survives this disease, they are wrong.

You’re looking at somebody who claims he has survived and you can too Or your love what’s.

In the months of the mental clarity of mental clarity that the drug gave me.

I researched and found

Why the so called experts had failed never attempted me.

The drug does not have to fail, like they think it does.

There are secondary effects of all.

Alzheimer’s such as beta amyloid plaques.

And other things that they don’t even know about.

But nature is taking care of the populations of the Indian subcontinent does suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Populations in the north American Eskimos in the Arctic Circle don’t though suffer from outsiders something in their diets and I will list that.

A list of supplements and foods.

Prevents it from ever getting the disease.

First I take the drug residue line as I said before.

Every single day.

That every day I take tumor which is currently.

But that from the Indian subcontinent of more than billion people.

I have listed statistical evidence for this works.

Those cities could be fellow labels, the only what level of violence I take 2 to break a day not just one of the oldest take all of my supplements with food so I don’t get fish works or burning in the stomach and I do a neutralizer with Tom’s.

I also take Omega 3, fish, oil supplements.

The high amounts of DHEA.

I put organic flaxseed meal my morning cereal but not everybody can convert that to omega 3, that’s just sort of an insurance policy.

I also take the Following vitamins & foods.
Take vitamin B3 and B12

Both of these are hard to assimilate if you’re past the age of 55.

So I take the supplements and beach well was even hotter similar to supplement sometimes don’t work.
I eat chicken livers war give lips which is the heart liver.

The food you don’t have to take every day food you can just take 2 or 3 times a week the supplements however have to be taken every day along with the rest of the.

Without fail always with meals by the way.

Yeah a little water fishing example those are wild salmon cod haddock and tuna fish.

Also read lots of curried foods again using 2 of Tom’s to put out the fire if I get a fire in the stomach.

Let’s take a multi vitamin or mineral supplement but no wired.

Of I do that daily but I’m not sure how important that is real functional as I do that just also is insurance policy.

That’s it that’s the whole formula right there but there’s more to tell in the story.

As I said you must take the drug these dietary supplements.

The every day of your life where you will regress.

It takes several months with this cocktail work.

And you and I I emphasize that you must continue to take this entire cocktail.

The food is not necessarily every day with a cocktail every single day along with the rest of the line for the rest of your life.

Which is not a bad price to pay to stay alive and to keep your brains alive.

I already have a radical brain shrinkage but time I saw this treatment I still came back.

I posted the U. 2 series of the title al’s plus the US al timers that’s of course mostly yes al’s outsiders diet telling why this cocktail works and why the medical world will not approve this cocktail.

Course there’s no pot pot of gold for big pharma this effective treatment and the FDA will not approve of approve either even here on urologists will not openly approve but you must tell him or her that what you were doing.

They will keep records eventually get together to force the medical experts to accept this treatment because believe me the works on may is going to work on anybody.

And everybody who needs.

And it.

The federation remarked in Alzheimer’s association so she Asians as predicted that by the middle of the century the year twenty fifty.

More than a hundred million people will be suffering and dying from this terrible disease and their families will be suffering right along with.

This does not have to be.

And this cocktail will prevent this from happening.

In fact there’s even evidence.

That the supplements even without the resident in the set a cholinesterase inhibitor might prevent you from ever getting this disease in the first place but if you already have it you have to go through all this tell what you’re doing don’t expect her to prove that she will stop you either she or he.


L. Hotelling under all just to back this up.

As they see I guess it’s a strictly significant samples of recovering patients which is never happened before.

I have already reported.

As I said to you before in a series I think 5 or 6 items about less than twenty minutes all details as to why this works all the statistical evidence and the populations which don’t get it.

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